Hello, and welcome to the Harvey Comics Merchandise Virtual Museum, or the Harvey Mercheum for short! While there are many websites devoted to Harvey comics, and many devoted to toys, this is the ONLY website devoted to Harvey toys!

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Harvey Mercheum is to catalog and document as many unique examples of Harvey comics merchandise (Harveyana) as possible, and to make this information accessible to collectors present and future.

Viewing the Collection:

The best way to get acquainted with the collection is to read the Mercheum Blog. To receive emails when the blog is updated, enter your email address in the “Subscribe to…” box in the right navigation bar. You may also receive updates via RSS.

The five most recent exhibits are listed under “Recent Exhibits” in the left navigation bar. You may also browse exhibits by using the “Search” box or by using the “Browse Collection By” tree, both in the left navigation bar. An HTML Sitemap is also available.

Guest Submissions:

The Harvey Mercheum is a community effort. If you have a Harvey collectible you would like to see featured on this website, please use the Contact the Curator form and describe what you have. If your item is not already in the permanent collection, you will receive one or two emails. The first email will ask for photographs of the item, and who to credit the exhibit and the photography to. If the interpretive information for the exhibit is readable in the photographs, that’s it! If not, you will receive a second email asking for the missing information. Your email address will not be disclosed, sold or used in any other way.