Toy Bloggers United contest round two! — 35 Comments

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  3. I am extremely happy to see you guys conducting this contest again and very

    happy to enter!!

    Very Excited and hoping to be picked!! To be clear I am here for the contest

    and not a spambot!

    • “Is this spam? I think this is spam, it’s really unclear. I should really delete this comment…well, maybe I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt!”

      Welcome to the contest Dave!

  4. I came here for the contest and to chew spambot, and I’m all out of spambot.

    I’ll have to host one of these contests soon, but this time I am sitting it out – so I figure I should throw my hat in the ring to try and win!

    • It has not been an issue so far, but it should be put in writing that contributors to the prize bundle are not eligible to win. We should also mention that commenting multiple times does not increase your chance to win, so you can reply to my replies or start new comments as you please, but when I draw a winner, I will compile a list of names without duplicates.

      Welcome to this round of the contest BubbaShelby! We’ll reach out to you next round for hosting or contributing…

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  6. I followed the treasure map from C&C and see the X led me here, so I’d love to toss my hat in the running. So great that you all are coming together for something like this, love it.

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