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  1. How interesting! Thanks! Guess the image of “the devil” wasn’t too popular. Or else I’d wonder why there are so few items of this cute lil devil. Maybe they were burned in protest? 30 ears ago at a sale I found this same doll but mine had the tags cut off. It is not a furry stuffed animal toy. It’s more like a nylon body. The diaper is cotton fabric not furry. The trident is a tad thicker. And he has plastic based feet to make them flat so he can stand up. But I wonder how to find his value. Any ideas?

    • Hi Sophia! Glad you are a fan of Hot Stuff! Unless you have access to a website like WorthPoint, I would recommend searching eBay completed listings to see what the doll sold for. I have been meaning to do a post on how to do this, but until I do, the trick is to click the “Advanced” text next to the search bar to get to the Advanced Search screen. Once there, make sure the “Sold listings” box in the “Search including” section is checked. Hope this helps!

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