Date archives are not the best for navigation — 2 Comments

  1. I think It depends on what It Is you are trying to accomplish.If your doing this more as a labor of love ,for yourself,then having a date index makes sense.It’s nice to be able to go right back to your first few posts and see all the pics you’ve posted throughout the years.As a reader,I like to be able to jump right to a specific topic/post ,so the way you have It now works !But why not have both?

    • I have been returning to my first posts frequently recently, because I have been posting them to the new Harvey Mercheum Facebook page. To do this, I usually just use the date filter on the Posts grid in the WordPress Dashboard.

      As to why not both, it’s a matter of page length. My page layout concept for the Harvey Mercheum website is internal navigation in the left sidebar and external navigation in the right sidebar. As is, the left sidebar has gotten much longer than the content on most pages. On mobile devices, it is even worse. The sidebars move below the main content, creating one VERY long scrolling column. Adding another navigation tree would add to the length and make the “problem” worse.

      What I would like is to find a custom taxonomy menu widget that allowed the tree to be expanded or collapsed (sometimes referred to as “accordion”), and show it collapsed by default. That would take up much less room, but still allow users access to the information. It would take them two extra clicks to navigate, but save a lot of scrolling. Unfortunately, the widget I am using does not support this, and I have not been able to find another widget that does. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

      Thank you for the comment Tony!

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