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  1. HI, I’m an assistant on Beetle Bailey and inked three (late) Harvey BB comic book covers, penciled by my late boss. I interviewed Warren K. that appeared about 17 years ago, knew Howie Post and Ken Selig. I’m a big Harvey fan and Alfred H. wanted to hire me in 1982 but company was shutting down. How many ‘Tiki’ figures were made ? I believe I have them all, despite their nonsensical numbering system. How many Hungerford vinyl figures made ?

    • Hi Bill! According to Jim Rash, there are six Hungerford figures, the five exhibited on this website plus one more Casper. As for Electric Tiki, I have seen Richie Rich, Gloria Glad, Jackie Jokers, Little Lotta, Little Audrey, Casper, Spooky, Wendy and the Ghostly Trio. They were all made in “regular” and “limited edition” variants, so there are at least eighteen different “mini-maquettes”, plus Artist Proofs and one-offs made for specific events or distributors. Thanks for writing!

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